Qaedinee’s Lament

She sat, fatigued. Her surroundings fading into the background as she meditated. She thinks back to the beginning of all this. When her strength in The Force first manifested itself. The cause of all her misfortune. Tython. A planet that was supposed to be the refugees last hope. If not for the “Jedi” the so … More Qaedinee’s Lament

Something New

Usually I stick to Reviewing and ranting about things i have an interest in. But instead of reviewing or ranting about someone else’s work, i’m going to try to make my own. As of writing this I have been Playing a lot of SWTOR and making an (honestly ungodly) amount of characters. I love telling … More Something New

Jade Empire Review

Let’s be serious for a second. If there was ANY game that deserves a remake it’s this one. Actually, now that i think about it a good number of Bioware games would be appreciated for a re-release. Im not saying that constantly remaking games is a good thing, but when A good margin of currently … More Jade Empire Review