Shadow of War Review

Ok now, I’ll be the first to admit that shadow of war is a GREAT GAME, but after playing it for a week and really taking a look back at it now that the new game itch has been scratched, it has some glaring flaws. Not that many though in my opinion but enough to […]

Titanfall 2 love and hate.

I have a very VERY love-hate relationship with Titanfall 2. On the one hand, it’s fooking great! The combat is fluid, exciting, and the titan combat is addicting. On the OTHER hand, the people are the downfall. Now, I don’t play pop because you’re either good, or you’re not. There’s not really a middleman. But […]

The Technomancer Thoughts

Ok now i just played this game called “The Technomancer”. Its a game i got on the cheap for 10 bucks and…well it shows. Don’t get me wrong, the game grows on you and its actually pretty deep but mechanically things feel off. ┬áThe games about your character “Zacheriah Mancer” who is the Titular Technomancer. […]

Creating Characters

Creating characters. It’s a thing that most of us try to do whether its half-assed or full of thought. It’s a way of injecting a little bit of ourselves into a narrative where we otherwise wouldn’t belong. ┬áPersonally i love making new characters, mostly because im a story guy. If a story is good and […]

The state of gaming from a “Filthy Causal”

Isn’t gaming fun! Unfortunately that wasn’t a declarative statement. It was a question. Isn’t gaming fun? Well It’s supposed to be, right? I enjoy a fair bit of competition from time to time myself, but when did it become about frames and technical crap like that to make games less fun and more…work? I remember […]