FF15 “Episodes” review

Where do I even begin with these. When I first played FF15, I had mixed feelings about it. Only 4 party characters and only one of which was playable? I was not happy about this. But what this game showed me eventually is that it’s not about how many characters you have or can play with, it’s the story you can tell with what you have. Ladies and gentlemen they tell a great story. It’s a story so great and with so much history, you might not get the whole scope of it the first time around. I know I didn’t.

(This will contain slight spoilers on the story. Nothing Groundbreaking or anything just setting some background)


So I figure I’d start with Episode “Gladio” and continue in order from there. It’s only right seeing as It came out first so I must review them in order. So this episode features Gladio and my god. Like I KNEW he was a powerhouse, but I didn’t know how MUCH of a powerhouse. Gladio should be clashing with Iron Giants sword to sword with ease. He uproots pillars and uses them to murder monsters with EASE. But i’m getting ahead of myself. This Episode focuses on Gladio dealing with his loss to Lady Lunafreyas brother the High Commander (or is it general?…He leads troops). He’s beating himself up about this and he has begun to doubt himself as the kings shield. Imagine if Gokudera failed Tsuna in “Hitman ReBorn” (Great anime btw). So he gets the “Immortal” Cid to act as a mentor and face the swordmaster known as Gilgamesh. You learn history about both Cid and Gladio in this DLC and I much appreciated it. Thats all im saying without spoilers so on we go!


Next up is Episode “Prompto” and Timeline wise this one happens the latest so I cant really say anything without giving something away so ill try to make this as spoiler free as I can. You play as Prompto learning about his past and his origins while most of your combat focuses on guns. I’ll admit it this one bored me the most and it’s probably because I hate the gun mechanics in this primarily sword focused game. That and I like Prompto the least out of the companions. I mean he’s serviceable I suppose but hes too happy for me. Iggy is the way to go for me team Ignis all the way. There’s a little bit of stealth gameplay mixed in and it does feel different than the main game but not by much. The best thing about this story to me is Aranea Highwind. GOD I love Aranea lol most people take Cindy or Iris but for me, there’s only Aranea. But I’m digressing, the main point is that while it may be a boring addition to me, a lot of other people might find fun in it.


Last but certainly not least is Episode “Ignis” Master of the Recipeh. This DLC is a BLAST. I wish my created character in COMRADES could use dual daggers half as well as this. This DLC takes place in a city that’s under siege and your primary mission is to get to the prince. Your secondary mission is to take back the city and that is also so much fun. The city is sectioned off into parts and you have to go murder all of the enemies to take it back. Ignis’ only weapons to use besides his lance arts are his dual daggers and he can enchant them to different effect. The Fire enchantment is a single target burst damage mode and is suited for bosses. The lightning type has you zipping around the battlefield like Noctus but without the mana usage. Its not as powerful as Noctis’ warp but it closes gaps FAST. The last one is ice and its used for groups and does alot of damage quickly. It’s going to be your go to for large groups or giant mechs. Use his ability to amp elemental damage with these and watch everything die. Ignis’ story is by far the most entertaining and telling. With an extra “Good” ending that you REALLY have to work for.


All in all the DLC is a great addition to a really good game and you all need to play it.

What did you think about the DLC? Let me know in the comments!

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