My Gaming “Breakup”

I’m not talking about an actual relationship like with another person. I’m talking about a relationship with a game. One might say- an even more personal relationship. The game in question that i’m breaking up with is “League of Legends”. I’ve seen so many friends go off the game for different reasons. Some were bored, some fell out of love with it, life got in the way, some deployed to the military and some even sold their accounts. I’ve seen so many friends i’ve played with for YEARS go and I think it’s my turn to turn in my league gloves….mouse and keyboard.

I’m doing this because i don’t feel like league is the same game i grew to love. Too many champions have been reworked and a lot of the champions feel similar and the reworked ones are remade to fit the “meta”. My thing is, my friends and i used to spit against the meta. When people got too accustomed to support-adc bot we’d run things like APC-ADC and throw them for a loop. Or we’d have Eve bot lane with just an adc and have her appear just out of view and counter jungle (stole so many buffs that way)…i miss original broken eve…I miss Force of Nature too. I’m not saying the changes to league are bad they’re just- not for me. The game has become too meta and now you can’t have games where you can just mess around without someone pinging your items or reporting you for some stupid reason. I went back and messed around with my old GOD-DO build of Dr. Mundo (def not mundo) Black Cleaver, Sunfires cape, and 3 Warmogs and even though my back hurt way into late game I still got flack because they were disorganized and never warded to LITERALLY save their lives. As i listened to their insults and blame i had a sudden realization. These are children. Like- children children. Not that there’s anything wrong with that , It’s just they aren’t the…theyre trolls. All of them. I had asked myself…How long i was playing this game? How long was i going to play this game? Most of my friends i had known for years had not logged in months. Some for years. That’s when i decided. I logged out and i haven’t picked it up in 6 months now. I’ve felt no need to either.

There’s just one caveat. The game is still installed on my computer. I know i know, if you don’t play it anymore, why even have it installed? It’s just, so much time, effort, and MONEY went into this game…i have trouble giving it up. This is almost a decade of game time that i’ve logged in and i can’t bring myself to say goodbye permanently. When i reinstall programs its still one of my mainstays even though i KNOW i wont touch it. It’s strange that i cant let it go. But i had so much love for it over the years that its like letting a piece of my past fade into memory. Maybe i’m just not ready for that yet.

Is there any games like this that you guys have played? Games that you just cant throw away or get rid of because of time, money, or personal investment? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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