Games False length.

After my post on WWE2k18 i got to thinking. If i didnt get the unlocker to unlock everything, how long would the game actually be? How many games just add things like reduced currency and random loot with only a chance to get what you really need? I know games like MMO’s have to do this because the nature of those games is that they dont end. They do this so that we play as long as we can until they add the next thing to keep the ball rolling. But single player games? When we pay 60 dollars for a single player experience we’re paying for a complete game. Not a half finished game hidden behind paywalls and random loot generators the MAYBE give you what you want.

Another game thats guilty of this is the Dragonball Xenoverse series. Granted i love the games and i think theyre the most fun Dragonball games for me out there. Make your own character and play as different races. Its great fun, but i have to admit i HATE the fact that to get new moves, you have to play a basically 10 minute level and pray that you did well enough for an increased chance that what you want MIGHT drop. This holds true for certain clothing options as well. I had to replay Broly’s mission 20 times to get anything but his pants (yes i got his pants about 13 times and his bracers and shoes the rest never his “shirt”) . I’m going to keep playing because i love the immersion and single player experience but I know im going to be farming that Pride Trooper outfit for a while.

Another game that comes to mind is the recently new Star Wars Battlefront games. The new one has a story thats starts out intresting but gets by-the-books towards the end. But its short length all but ensures youre only there for the multiplayer in the long run. The fact that you have to play nearly 1000 hours to progress without paying for lootboxes to speed up the process is INSANE. You want to play a Star Wars game with a great story? Go play Knights of the Old Republic,  its sequel Knights of the old republic 2, or the MMO sequel The Old Republic. Its a GREAT series that is chock full of entertaining stories, great pvp, and engaging sidequests. Its a great experience that earns your money instead of cheating you out of it. They have lootboxes as well but its all optional gear that you dont need and is purely cosmetic.

I think that games need to go back to the story aspect of gaming, not the cashgrab meta thats happening right now. Triple A companies are trying to make more money for less work and its going to be the norm unless we stop falling for their BS. Games like Horizon: Zero dawn and Wolfenstein: the new Colossus need to be praised for their story driven gameplay. The hours or engaging gameplay that relies on the gamer being emotionally entangled with the characters.

We need to get back to the golden age of gaming. Pure and simple.


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