WWE 2K18 Thoughts

Am I the only one who thinks the WWE games have been dipping in fun factor since the good ol’ days of smackdown vs raw? They took away so much and replaced it with so little. I mean the matches are mostly back now  (thank god) but before all we had was really 1v1’s and 2v2’s with little to no variation. We have tornado tag matches back and 3v3 hell in a cell again so its definitely a step in the right direction. But with this entry they look like theyre trying to prep us for 2k19’s new LOOT BOX EXTRAVAGANZA. Filled with buggy side quests that deprive you of your much needed attribute points (that youll need to level your character for the online mode) and all of your cosmetic and movesets! So instead of “Be Like No One” its more like “Be Like Everyone”.

But I digress. 2K18 is taking steps in a crazy direction, yes, but is it really that bad? The lootcrate system it stupid yes, but only because (i feel) it includes moves in the lootcrate. If it was just simply cosmetic items then there’d be much less of an uproar. We could earn moves through challenges and beating superstars in career mode on a certain difficulty (legend most like) to show that we put work into giving our CaC that superkick instead of getting lucky from a drop. The Attribute system I dont really mind all that much. i just hate it when i get screwed out of attributes because theyre finite in story mode and unless you want to max that out endgame then you better do those side quests…when they dont bug out.


Now when it comes to Side-quests besides being buggy, people are having trouble finishing them. Ive noticed something about them that the tutorial dosent tell you. Youll get side quests like “Win mid match run in” and “Win promo” but when you do, youll still get scolded for it. As long as it doesn’t say “mission failed” Youre doing it correctly. This is because all the side quests apart from the intro ones have time limits. You have to be successful every week until the PPV is over. Then youll complete it and reap your rewards.

Hopefully this helps anyone who is frustrated with some of the side quests.

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