Shadow of War Review


Ok now, I’ll be the first to admit that shadow of war is a GREAT GAME, but after playing it for a week and really taking a look back at it now that the new game itch has been scratched, it has some glaring flaws. Not that many though in my opinion but enough to warrant explanation. So far theres 2 that come to mind but one of them is really just a pet peeve (maybe?) in my case.


1. The Elephant in the room 

Lets discuss it shall we? During the endgame you enter a chapter called “Shadow wars” where you defend your towers against increasing levels of orc forces. Now you could just play the levels over and over again getting better and better orcs until they hit your level but

  • A. your orcs cant exceed your level and
  • B. If you go back to your previous forts all your orcs are likely the level you left them at when you left (for me i went back to a base full of level 23 orcs when i was level 49) which could be a problem….UNLESS you go into the store and buy orcs with real money to get epic and legendary orcs of your current level to fill up your ranks!

That blew me. I mean, this might be fine with some people. They’ll say “You dont have to do it. It’s just an option” and i have to say yeah i agree with them somewhat. But the practice is still shady. Here grind for hours and hours to rebuild your ranks or pay us and get gifted elite orcs. Great for time savers and people who dont have that time for the grind. Thats fine great even but this leads to the other problem that i have to complain about.


2. You can lose (randomly) every orc you pay for.


What do you mean? Is this true? Yes. Yes it is. This happened to me on 3 occasions. I wanted to see what was in the packs when you got them so i got the act 1 starter pack at around level me level 15 legendary orcs. This was before the fort system was introduced so i went and made the strongest one my bodyguard.  He had noting to enrage him whatsoever. Chillest Orc ever. I went to take an Olok-hai to add to my growing army, and it turns out that sometime between the purchase of him 30 mins ago and this point he had become blood brothers with this olok. With no notification whatsoever. So i stun the olok and start stabbing his back and my legendary orc turns on me right there and hes iron willed so i cant get him back. I shamed his so much he went back down to level 1 but he still wouldnt break. I felt so jipped i made his “blood brother” go squash him like a bug (which netted me an achievement) This has happened 2 more times over the course of my week playing. Endgame its the only thing that scared me. why pay money for these orcs when they can be taken away without a single notice? I went and stored what i got leftover endgame in my forts just so they wouldnt betray me if i used “call bodyguard” and i stopped using that altogether going with iron guard. This oversight with the “blood brothers” perk cost me good orcs that i paid money for and i really cant condone buying these packs with the threat of them betraying you so easily is out there. Just to reiterate they never had the blood brothers perk when i got them they developed them later on without my knowledge (how orcs that appeared out of thin air can become so close with enemy orcs ill never understand)



All this is really irritating. Coupled with the fact that in order to get the “true ending” of the game you have to defend your forts 20 times for an ending we all saw coming once we hit endgame. Once each fort would have sufficed. Maybe twice each. But 20 TIMES altogether? After 4 times it just felt like a hassle and tiring. A replay of the invasion over- and over- and over- and over each with more powerful orcs while you cant really progress because theres nothing really for you to do. Your main source of XP gain stops with your quests. if replaying quests gave like half xp its be fine because they were really fun. I loved the Carnan quests… the early ones anyway. I suppose you could hit 65 via endgame if you used the XP boosters you get from the chests and individually for gold (yea those exist too) for each and every quest as you play the game but that sounds more shady doesnt it? Pay for boosters to make it to endgame in a single player game? I havent even finished the shadow wars because im burnt out of it and i dont think i will. Unless theres a new game plus or something that im missing teres really not a need to. Once you beat the game, you beat it. Get all the collectibles, then just battle an endless orc army i suppose. Id start a new game just for the story but as far as i can tell we only get one save slot so if i did that all my work would disappear forever. No thanks. Ill come back to you one day Shadow of war but we’re through for now.


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