Titanfall 2 love and hate.

I have a very VERY love-hate relationship with Titanfall 2. On the one hand, it’s fooking great! The combat is fluid, exciting, and the titan combat is addicting. On the OTHER hand, the people are the downfall. Now, I don’t play pop because you’re either good, or you’re not. There’s not really a middleman. But my saving grace is the new/old Frontier mode!

Frontier mode is a good old horde mode where you protect an Harvester from advancing waves of enemies. It’s great fun where strategy is needed most times even on easy mode…it’s too bad that most people don’t believe that.

Things that grind my gears: If I’m a monarch. You other titans need to let me get the executions I earn. I need it to rank up and you get nothing from it. Too many times I’ve fought titans and someone snipes my downed titan and steals my kill. The kill count isn’t that serious or important 😑. The big thing here is teamwork. Protect the harvester. We can’t do that if you want to play Rambo and go off on all the corners of the map to get all the kills. When everyone leaves it leaves the harvester open to attacks from everywhere. Also, if you can’t kill a wave of specters in one clip, don’t shoot them. They’ll run and self destruct at the harvester and probably kill ppl there too. And for those who steal batteries from titans, if you see a horde of nuke titans and someone is actively killing them while they’re approaching the harvester, don’t rodeo them and then blame the teammate for your ensuing death. On the flip side, if there’s a lone nuke titan or mortar titan and you see someone go for the battery, don’t BLOW UP THE NUKE TITAN WHILE THEYRE ON IT! I see this SO many times. It’s like, are you do bloodlusted that you don’t see your teammate on it? The titan tells you even.

There’s more but I’m feeling lazy and want to get back to shooting stuff. Rant done now.


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