The Technomancer Thoughts

Ok now i just played this game called “The Technomancer”. Its a game i got on the cheap for 10 bucks and…well it shows. Don’t get me wrong, the game grows on you and its actually pretty deep but mechanically things feel off.  The games about your character “Zacheriah Mancer” who is the Titular Technomancer. Basically an electric mage-warrior whos primary job is to be a frontline soldier/beat cop for a “civil war” of sorts on Mars.

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For starters there’s the skill system. Each of the skills in “The Technomancer” sounds great in theory and when built right, you can be a god of the battlefield (more on the battle system later) but when built wrong its punishing because you’re either good at the battle system or you’re not and there’s NO RESPECING. So you cant try out different builds, or go back and respec if you made a mistake. You fucked up, now deal with it. Unless you’re going to save your game each and every time you level up in order to preserve your points in case you make a mistake, prepare for lots of new games.


There’s also the battle system that can be wonky and unforgivingly difficult. Now that isnt a bad thing its just strange to me a little bit. The system has about 4 ways to fight. Warrior uses a staff like Darth Maul, Rouges use a pistol and a knife, and Soldiers use a mace and shield. You also have your technomage powers like force lightning and adding electric powers to your weapons for extra damage. Now the fights are fun, if only for the reason that if you get hit you lose about 33-40% of your health from normal run-of-the-mill grunts on normal mode. What was strange to me is that you do so little damage to normal grunts but take so much yourself, what was the point of the warrior monk training? I mean i guess you dodge like nobodys business but its so hit and miss in this game. The enemies attack irregularly and frequently and you get attacked by melee and ranged attackers at the same time all the time so frequently that youll feel like a ballet dancer instead of a badass most of the time. Companions do help but not by much as the A.I is content to sit there and get their faces beat in. You cant switch trees easily too because of the aforementioned lack of respec so if you put your points in rouge or warrior and dont feel like mashing dodge all game to get in some light damage until level 15 or so then youre probably gonna do what i did and play tank and spank. That was fine for me since i love tanking jobs in RPG’s but others will have to put some real dedication and a LOT of game overs in order to master the DPS heavy classes.


All in all i’d say this is a pretty nice game for a budget. It has fun moments and you can definitely  binge for a while if you get into it. The story is good and although the game needed alot of polish before it came out its still worth a spot in your game collection.


6.5/10 Good at a Bargain

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