Sports Games Rant.

Sports games. What can I really say about them? They’re terrible rip offs is what i can say about them. I heard some guys in the mall complain about the new Transformers movie but feel hyped for Madden 18. How? I mean they follow the same formula.

Release new editions yearly for full price. (even if broken)

Only slightly update the visuals

Release 1-2 new features that could’ve easily been added to the older version


Like the Transformers movies, even if they’re bad people will still buy them year after year because like Mr Bay said “They love to hate, and I don’t care; let them hate, they’re still going to see the movie!”

The same can be said for the sports genre. As year after year the same game gets pushed out and pushed out and people still buy it up EVERY TIME. I can’t understand why people keep falling for it. It’s baffling. Quantity is being chosen over quality.

I have an idea on how i could make it better. Release one Madden game. Lets call it Madden Oso. And have it out for 2 years instead of yearly. Continuously update the roster with current seasons players and update the graphics and glitches for a while before significantly upgrading the graphics engine with a new title. If you’re so concerned with making money add a season pass variant that makes it worth a damn to buy the season pass. I dont know if the NFL has a service similar to the WWE Network, but you should be able to link to both so that you dont need to buy the season pass if you are subscribed to the network. With solid online play and couch co-op 2 years will be more than enough for Madden Oso to captivate people.

Most ,if not all, sports games follow this yearly formula and make you spend $60 on a slightly better version of a game that an update couldve done. The DLC they make you buy is also ridiculous. Madden 17 has DLC akin to freemium games, where you buy randomized packs to get players. It’s a form of gambling that has emptied wallets for years. But in a sports game…is it really necessary?

But anyway. In closing I think people should hold off on yearly releases and wait for quality to take over quantity.

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