Creating Characters

Creating characters. It’s a thing that most of us try to do whether its half-assed or full of thought. It’s a way of injecting a little bit of ourselves into a narrative where we otherwise wouldn’t belong.  Personally i love making new characters, mostly because im a story guy. If a story is good and well done then i want to play through it again like a good book. The problems lie, wherein as single player games like dragon age you can get through in a fair amount of time, MMO’s like …well any of them, take forever and a day to get through. Which is a shame because i enjoy playing through most of the stories they craft but i hate grinding to get there. This is particularly the case in FF14 + expansions. Wherein every character can be everything it begs the question “Why make alts?” And i have been scrutinized for doing so. So I’m going to go over my thought processes as to why I make alts.

I make alts because I am male. I want a male toon to be my avatar in the world that I choose. I want to be the manly hero that goes and saves everyone then goes grocery shopping for the old lady down the street for pennies. Males are usually my tank characters as well. Big, bulky, laying down their bodies to help their friends in need. What I see as a reflection of me, I want to represent in game. But glorified of course.

And Samurai because I’m a total Weeb XD

But i cant just play males all the time. I need at least one female toon because looking at a male toon for 80+ hours while leveling gets boring and I start to want to see the female side of gear and emotes and the like. So whatever im not playing as a male, ill usually play as a female. My males are tanks so my females are usually casters and the like. Basically my males have Strength and Fortitude and my females are more lithe and crafty so they have Intelligence and Dexterity. They’ll play like Rouges and Archers and any casters.

Then theres the class system. Most games have one class that you cant change and thats what you play as. So most people need to play through multiple times just to get the whole experience. One game that does this EXCELLENTLY is SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic). I mean aside from nerfing my favorite star wars character Revan to the ground, i thought this game was EXCELLENT at getting people to try new classes. With 2 sides and each class gets their own personal story, also when you get to a certain level (i think 50) your class buff gets shared with all new characters making each subsequent character more powerful! Why wouldn’t you play through all of the classes? Each of the personal stories are Different and they kind of interact with each other. Its really interesting to see and connect the dots.

But for games that dont have different class stories. After i play through the first time I start to notice things that would have made more sense as a certain class as opposed to the class i was when i first started. I suppose this is just the roleplayer in me but Metal Armor clad Warriors aren’t able to effectively sneak anywhere without making tons of noise. Things like that make me think “huh maybe this story was meant for (enter class here)” So I make another toon (probably while deleting the one im using so im not tempted) and do it over again. It takes a while but i get it right eventually.


Thats about half of what I feel about character creation so far. I’ll make a part 2 when its not so early. How do you guys (and girls) create your characters? Like and share if you’re a character perfectionist like I am lol.  Yoko Oso out!


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