The state of gaming from a “Filthy Causal”

Isn’t gaming fun! Unfortunately that wasn’t a declarative statement. It was a question. Isn’t gaming fun? Well It’s supposed to be, right? I enjoy a fair bit of competition from time to time myself, but when did it become about frames and technical crap like that to make games less fun and more…work? I remember when the first Super Smash Brothers came out for the N64. We weren’t thinking about tier lists then. Just who was our favorite characters to hit each other with.  Now everyone’s trying to play the “best” characters instead of ones theyre having fun with.


Where does that leave people like me? So called “Filthy Casuals” who just play the game for enjoyments sake. I still get yelled at on League of Legends for refusing to conform to the “meta” and build like the “professionals” are building…and yet still winning because people dont know how to build otherwise. Before you ask, no, I dont play ranked. The community is TOXIC AS HELL already, so why would i play a mode where theyre worse than the douches in regular rift play? I remember the good ol days where you could AP sion and burst most people down in 2 shots. Stare-stun, shield explosion. But i digress. Gaming nowadays is plagued by problems already with developers screwing us over, releasing incomplete games, trying to get our money early with pre-orders that spew false promises only to receive a turd at release. We’re…we’re like Sakura from Naruto. (i know i know hear me out first.). She has great inner strength, loyal, and really smart…until a certain Uchiha comes along and makes her stupid. No matter how many times he comes in, F*CKS her life up, mentally abuses her, physically abuses her, knocks her up then leaves her alone to be a single mother. No matter now fked up he is and the things he does to her are, shes ALWAYS there. Just like Gamers. Case in point, look at this from the Facebook page “Gamerant“.


Look just LOOK at how much the Marvel Vs Capcoms roster changed in this current generation of gaming.  Marvel vs Capcom : Infinite’s character roster is ABYSMAL compared to the glory that was MvC 2 17 YEARS ago. Maybe you didnt read that right so ill repeat it. 17 YEARS AGO. Be honest, How many of you are STILL going to go out and buy this at release? A whole bunch that who, and its NOT okay. Gaming has fallen into this state of mediocre that kids these days (Gen-Xers) are just eating into. While its become so boring to us (millennials) that we resort to manually making the games harder by min-maxing and framerate glitches and basically becoming computers when we play games. Hell in Tekken 7 theres a button that uses your rage art (basically a cinematic half of a life or at least 33%) which makes the game pretty i guess, but less challenging. Now I havent played a Tekken since Tekken 3 (damn you Ogre) but there was no rage. Now I custom make the controller into a kind of “classic mode” config so when I DO pull off rage moves its skill and not a button press.

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