Rant on Current Gaming.

It seems to me that gaming these days is… I guess the word would be upside-down. I feel like the industry can be so much more than it currently is. I mean, take a look at all these indie developers. Yea 95% of them are total crap, but look at the rare 5%. Your Slendermans, Five Nights At Freddies, and Undertales. Low budget made by one person or a skeleton crew while big companies spend millions on games that just suck like Call Of Duty. (say what you want but after black ops everything went straight to hell). They just copy paste the same formula from the last game with no innovation, then package it and people eat that crap up. It’s infuriating.

A couple years ago there was complete OUTRAGE over Mass Effects 3’s ending and i dont blame them a bit for that. The game was great a spectacular end to the mass effect trilogy. Until that ending. Whooo boy. Everything didnt lead up to a climatic showdown with the reapers, or Shepard leading earth to victory like…oh, i dont know his NAMESAKE. But it all led to a color choice. A Freaking color choice. Bringing up that memory still makes me outraged. But there was hope. A theory called “The indoctrination theory” and it made sense of EVERYTHING. It all fell into place, everything from 3 games and DLC all fit into a perfect puzzle that served to break the fourth wall in the most subtle, most ingenious way. If Bioware had just confirmed it, it would have been the greatest scifi trilogy bar none. But nope, they had to deny it and sink the titanic all over again. Yes- i get it, It was their game and they had a direction they wanted it to go in, but if your direction is subpar and lazy and theres an interpretation that fills in all the holes and… I guess it dosent matter, whats done is done I suppose.  Fact of the matter is I believe their decision was idiotic and they lost alot of fans for their pride. Then they turn around and give us an unfinished Turd like Andromeda. The graphics were raw, the game was glitchy, and for some it deleted data. But bet they still made you pay full price for it. The game remains unfinished at the time of this writing for me and i was hyped for it. That character customization though from the get go lacked any…customization. The characters arent all that interesting although i do like that you can romance female garrus, but thats all i really like.

AHH! Yikes! I swear ME 1 had better graphics.

I’m Digressing. Big gaming companies just crap out games all the time and dont give a damn about quality or customer satisfaction. These yearly releases are part of the problem (looking at you sports games). Madden and Whatever the NBA game franchise is called (i really dont care about them in the slightest) have yearly releases with barely any changes from year-to-year and just serve to drain your wallet. Imagine if madden just made a game called “Madden” and updated that games roster for 5 years. Not only would you get more bang for your buck but you’d probably pay for it via a season pass or dlc and that would be fine and dandy. Then when the NEW madden came out, you could have significant graphics updates and engines with LESS bugs because they had plenty of time to playtest them.  Its not like the names of the teams change just the players from season to season and thats not hard to keep up with. Same goes for NBA and WWE. Although with WWE its a little harder admittingly because of movesets and entrances and whatnot, but still.


pexels-photo-277870.jpegThen there’s things like Destiny, No Mans Sky, and Star Wars Battlefront that were hyped to the moon and failed on every aspect. Also sneaky things like Capcom putting whole content on discs and making you pay for the locked away content as DLC even though its already on disc and you paid for it already. Big gaming companies are getting lazier and lazier with games these days and us, the gamers, are paying for it. Both literally and metaphorically. Kids these days are going to play these lazy pieces of crap and think these are good games. Games like Chrono Trigger, Legend of Dragoon, Donkey Kong Country, The Elder Scrolls MORROWIND, Final Fantasys 1-6. All these games that are masterpieces are going to get thrown to the wayside for “realistic graphics” with no ounce of legitimate story or good gameplay. It’s up to us gamers to show the industries what good games really are. Whether we make them ourselves or completely boycott blatant cash grabs, it falls to us to set the course. If we don’t, then gaming will turn into a dark empty pit of money grubbing asshats.

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